The Neighbourhoods for Learning

In each Neighbourhood for Learning taking part in the Neighbourhood Resilience Programme, a Local Oversight Group has responsibility for designing and implementing local action. Membership of Local Oversight Groups reflect the local focus of activity but they should all include residents, staff from the local authority, and other organisations or businesses linked to the area. 

A third sector organisation is funded in each neighbourhood to support the Community Research and Engagement Network (CoReN) across the neighbourhoods.  Each organisation employs a CoReN facilitator, whose main role is to recruit and support local people to get involved as Resident Advisers.  Members of a central academic team based in Lancaster and Liverpool Universities co-ordinate the work in each neighbourhood.  

In each neighbourhood, the topic of activity has been informed by local meetings attended by residents, staff of local authorities, the CoReN facilitator and a range of other representatives from the public, voluntary and private sectors.  Findings from a household health survey in each neighbourhood, and evidence on existing resilience related activities also shaped consensus building around a common topic for action. Further activities have included resident led research enquiries to understand an issue in more depth, for example, availability of local debt advice services or indoor air pollution. 

Explore the activities and topics, which are the focus for action, by visiting the individudal neighbourhood pages below.