The COREN now: New developments

The COREN is supporting residents and staff from across the public, third and private sector to forge common interests and deliver positive change in neighbourhoods.


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One legacy of the NRP was a co-ordinated, well-connected network of empowered organisations and communities with the skills and confidence to co-produce externally funded work relevant to local needs, targeting health and care inequalities delivering real, lasting change through applied research and implementation.

The ‘new’ COREN will offer the space to continue to sustain and establish networks and collaborations connecting to place based systems of health and care. It is a collaborative of voluntary, community, faith, and social enterprise (VCFSE) organisations, public advisors, researchers, and practitioners from local health and care systems across the North West Coast of England.

The purpose of the COREN is to provide a generative and facilitative space platform for the Applied Research Collaborative (ARC) programme members and beyond to exchange knowledge and expertise, and to learn from each other, in order to support the development, dissemination, and implementation, of health and social care research. It is also a supportive space for new collaborations to be promoted and developed.

The ‘new’ COREN has the following aims:

  • To encourage and facilitate the sharing of information (this may include: resources, contacts, opportunities, learning, and community-level knowledge) in order to increase capacity (of researchers, communities, and organisations) for health and social care research that is responsive to community needs.
  • To provide a platform for the voluntary, community, faith, and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector to initiate discussions around research priorities, drawing upon insight from their work and communities. In response to this, to highlight relevant academics and existing research, and to provide support exploring options for new research.
  • To respond to, and direct, emerging research ideas from ARC-NWC staff and other academics at universities within the ARC-NWC.
  • To facilitate the creation of networks for specific pieces of health and social care research.

For more details on the CoREN (including a Privacy Notice to join the CoREN), please contact Claire Selby, Stakeholder and Engagement Manager on [email protected]