Thank you

Thank you from Jennie Popay

Thank you…

To those who have given time to review this website before it goes live. You feedback will
help ensure it is accessible and useful for those working locally to address social and health

To the many people who contributed intellectual and emotional energy and time to deliver
the Neighbourhood Resilience Programme. We have learnt an enormous amount about the
potential for local action to improve people’s lives and health – and about its limitations.

We hope this website will help to share this learning with others.

The programme would not have been possible without the generosity of many people:

  • those living and working in the nine neighbourhoods for learning;
  • the local authority officers who stuck with the management group for the duration of the programme; and
  • the academic colleagues in the NIHR Collaboration for Applied Health and Care.

And the website would not have been possible without the creativity and hard work of Linda Heaton, Harris Kaloudis and the designers MORPH

Thanks to all of you.
Jennie Popay
6th May 2021