The area: Stockbridge Village Neighbourhood for Learning (NfL) covers the Stockbridge ward in the Huyton area of Knowsley. The area is self-contained with a mix of houses, tower blocks and a few shops surrounded by open green space. There has been some housing regeneration following a period of decline in 1980s but more needs to be done. The area continues to have a serious problem with high levels of unemployment, antisocial behaviour and crime. Pride in this community is strong especially among the families rehoused from inner city Liverpool during the 1960s.

Who we are: Many local residents are involved in the Stockbridge NfL. The group make sure that residents from across the area get to have their say about what is going on. They also bring lots of local organisations, services and residents groups into the NfL work. The lead local authority for the area is Knowsley Borough Council. Forhousing, the local social landlord, is the CoReN organisation working with the residents.

What we have done:  The group initially held a series of Resident Conversation events attended by more than 140 people. Residents in Stockbridge Village described all sorts of things that worry local people; like feeling lonely and isolated, the fear of crime; the constant struggle to make ends meet and how the open/green spaces are not used as much as they could be.

The group decided to focus on understanding social isolation and building better social connectedness, which they saw as a big problem affecting family, friends and neighbours from all ethnic groups. The group has worked with the council, housing, other stakeholders, researchers and an artist (Len Grant) to undertake two local enquiries using art and storytelling. The exhibitions and booklets produced are called Stockbridge in Stories.

The first enquiry focused on understanding how local people connect with their community and how they combat social isolation. The second phase is looking in more depth at the impact on family, friends and neighbours struggling with drug and alcohol problems. The exhibitions and booklets produced from both phases of Stockbridge in Stories are being used by the NfL team to present their findings to the wider community, and local policy makers.

Scroll through the images below from the Community Gala day held in July 2018.

Stockbridge in Stories exhibition (Len Grant)

  Resilience enhancing emerging action:

  • The Resident Advisers have used their local connections to reach into the community to gain a much deeper insight into the real causes of social isolation, and the private struggles in everyday life with drug and alcohol issues.
  • The shared experience of co-producing and co-presenting Stockbridge in Stories has help to strengthen and extend the connections between the community, local services and organisations working in the area
  • Stockbridge in Stories has attracted publicity in the area and more widely, and has resulted in a number of positive spin offs including the regeneration of a local community garden to improve the quality and accessibility of growing spaces.
  • Forhousing is currently working with the community to secure funding which will support the local LGBTQ community




Neighbourhood lead Vivien Holt; Email: